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Brain Dynamics Lab
@ MEF University


Ongoing research projects:

How We Do?


Eye Tracker

Galvanic Skin Responses

Pulse Rate

Facial Coding

Mouse Tracking

- Assessing the effectiveness of TV advertisements via conventional and neuroscientific methods

- Understanding the neurophysiological dynamics of user experience (UX) during web-page navigation (Essential focus on First-time user experience) 

- Evaluation of level of working memory load during mental arithmetic calculations via neuroscientific methods 

- Assessing the influence of spot announcement via conventional and neuroscientific methods 

- Assessing the online processing of moral dilemmas via neuroscientific and behavioral methods 

- Understanding gender perception via Implicit Association Task 

- Investigating the role of face perception on the psychological judgments 

- Understanding the conceptual processing via identity judgments through neuroscientific, computational, and behavioral methods

What We Do

Academic Research

Sector-Specific Projects

User Experience (UX)

Algorithmic Experience (AX)

Video & Image Tests

Brand Association Tests

Flavor Tests